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New Reviews of Crown City Estate Sales Oct 2013

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New Reviews of Crown City Estate Sales Oct 2013

5 Star reviewsWe have some new reviews that were sent directly to us, as well as others posted online. Enjoy.

"I was very pleased with what Crown City Estate Sales got me for my jewerly. They were very professional and kept me up to date on what was selling. I would most certainly recommend their services.

(Posted on Tumbtack August 2013)"

"Hi crowncity, thanks for doing our Uncles sale. We are pleased with the results and that you took a few things to your shop that did not sell.. "

- Ray Flat 9/18/13.

"Jackie and Frank thanks for the the sale in Eagle Rock our mom thought it was all junk and she was surprisedat her check!"

-The Brown sisters 9/15/13

Yelp Filtered Reviews - April -Sept 2013
*If you do not know, Yelp is notorious for hiding good reviews. Below are numerous reviews from shoppers and clients about CrownCityEstateSales.com. We've tried contacting Yelp to "unfilter" the reviews as they are valid, but they have refused. Hmm. Maybe it's because we not a paid advertiser on Yelp that they filtered them. Whatever the reason, enjoy.

5.0 star rating

Crown City did a terrific job for me, holding an estate sale that produced an excellent return. They also, as promised, left the house -- which had just been sold -- "broom clean." The Crown City crew worked long and hard to make the sale a success. I recommend them highly to anyone who is downsizing or otherwise needs to clear out nice things that no longer have a place with you.

-William P.

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

I was not big on estate sales until I came across crown city, despite what people say here you have to experience it for yourself. They are great, prices are reasonable, employees are pleasant. I try to go often to their sales, I always find something good. I highly recommend them!!!

-Susana P.

Pasadena, CA
5.0 star rating

Jackie, Frank and the entire staff are just wonderful!!! My husband and I go to their estate sales every chance we get. Their prices are more than fair and we always find something special!
Comment from Frank F. of Crown City Antiques and Estate Sales 7/23/2013
thanks nice to hear from customers who. like us More »
Photo of Debra C.

-Debra C.

Burbank, CA
5.0 star rating

Crown City Antiques was a real nice neighborhood store with lots of great treasures. I was satisfied with my prices and I even had Jackie the owner hold some items for me, I forgot to return to the store and after sometime I went back and she still had them for me. I was so surprised that they were still there, most stores would have put them back. Now that's customer service!!! I heard they moved down the street to a bigger store so I can't wait to see it and see what treasures I will find.
Comment from Frank F. of Crown City Antiques and Estate Sales 7/23/2013
happy customers happy. clients. thanks More »
Photo of Teresa D.

-Teresa D.

Sun Valley, CA
5.0 star rating
Update - 4/6/2013

I love to go to Crown City Antiques . It is a gem of a store . There are always new things to look at and browse around the large new store . You can find a bag of old buttons to a lovely armoire . The staff is friendly and helpful . I would recommend all to stop by and take a peek . TeresaD.
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5.0 star rating

Crown City antiques is a gem to find .I love browsing and finding so many wonderful pieces of art .… Read more »

-Noreen H.

Daly City, CA
5.0 star rating

My husband and I traveled down to Disneyland 3-4 times a year. Every time we travel down we make it a point to stop at Crown City Antique Store and whatever sales that are going on that week, that they are hosting. We stumbled across one of Jackie's sales when my husband had exited the freeway to get gas. Now Crown City Estates & Antiques is now part of our Southern California Travel Tradition. We enjoy every treasure that we have purchased from them. "Crown City see you soon" :)
-Mike B.

Santa Clarita, CA
5.0 star rating

I'm tired of walking in to Pre cherry picked estate sales. I like to dig through boxes. I like to discover my own treasures at sales.

I like crown city estates Sales! And their store is even just as cool! The Crown City people are well educated! And highly experienced. Their prices are fair! I am retired military and I have an eBay store! I always make money! Great prices, great staff, great merchandise, the most interesting sales!

I was in Vietnam! We had trouble there! Crown city estate sales and antique store is a refreshing walk in the park!

If you have problems. Get over yourselves. Running this kind of a business is tough!

They do it professionally and fairly! All the best!

-Matt H.

Glendale, CA
5.0 star rating

I moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago and had a tough time trying to fill my empty apartment. There are not a lot of quality vintage and antique furniture places that aren't overly priced and expensive in Southern California. When I stumbled into crown city antiques back in 2010 I met Jackie. She helped me! She gave me great deals , even let me take a couple of items with me that I couldn't quite afford just yet and allowed me to bring her money the following week! She's always willing to make a deal! I've been to many if not almost all of her sales. I was even there once when an owner was present at the sale and was very vocal about discounting. I noticed that Jackie IS the voice of the owner. If Jackie doesn't negotiate at a sale , it's not because Jackie doesn't want to , it's because she's listening to the needs of the owner she is representing. I'm in the film business. And I can relate working with directors and producers. Jackie is the director and the owners are the producers. Jackie listens to the owners. I have no complaints. Jackie thank you!!!!

-Teresa D.

Sun Valley, CA
5.0 star rating

Crown City antiques is a gem to find .I love browsing and finding so many wonderful pieces of art . From small basket of old buttons , to large gorgeous pieces of furniture.The staff is very friendly and helpful.I would recommend them to all .


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