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Los Angeles Estate Sales and Liquidation Services

Welcome. We are a family owned business that has been providing estate liquidation services in Southern California for over 30 years. We have conducted hunderds of Estate Sales throughout Los Angeles and Southern California including Pasadena, Glendale, San Marino, Altadena, Arcadia. La Canada, La Crescenta, etc. (View our list of previous estate sales).

Important tip:
Before your do anything, we encourage you not to throw anything away. Estate sales are our arena. We can find and sell that rusty old coffee tin in the garage for $1,500 (true story).

Why Crown City?
At some time in everyone's life, they find themselves in a situation that involves closing a home. You may be downsizing, moving out of state or liquidating an estate of a family member. That is when you need our 30 years of professional estate sale services. Our knowledge and skill at liquidating an estate is vast, professional, and reliable as our client reviews indicate. We pride ourselves at organizing, set up and selling of your items to maxamize revenue, all in a hassle free and compansionate manner. At all times we respect your privacy and honor all of your requests to try and make the estate liquidation service an easy transition.

How does it work?
After signing a contract, the only thing you have to do is take what you wish to keep and walk away. We do the rest. We organize, price, market, sell, and leave your space broom clean.

What are your fees?
Our fees are structured entirely on a commission basis. You only pay us for items we sell. Period.

How long does it take?
Most sales take a 5-7 days to arrange, 2-3 days of selling and 3 days to leave the area broom clean.

How is payment made?
At the end of the sale, payment is immediate and includes an accounting of all items. We do not hold YOUR money.

Our estate sale staff
Our staff has been with us for a long time and each and everyone of them totally understands the needs of each of our clients. We have experts on call if there is a question that we cannot answer.

Do you offer other services?

Yes, if needed, we offer eBay sales, auction referrals and donation slips for tax purposes.

What kind of items can you sell?

We sell EVERYHTING. Estate sale items typical include but are not limited to the following:

  • Antique furniture, sculpture, art
  • Fine and rare books, every day books, magazines
  • Better art and jewelry, costume jewlery, silver, gold
  • Antique toys, retro and modern collectibles
  • Vintage items, linens, clothing, kitchenwares, housewares
  • Sporting items, sewing items, office equipment, garage items
  • Home furnishings, appliances, televisions, stereos, computers, garden tools, plants
  • Hand tools, machine tools, construction equipment, and materials.
  • Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and yachts
Are you bonded and insured?
Yes. We are bonded and insured. We were the first in our industry to carry event insurance which most other liquidators do not.

How do we get started?
We offer a free walk through, discussion of your estate liquidation needs and give you a written estimate. Or you can visit our store front and warehouse. Either way, we are pleased you want to work with us. To get started, call (626) 676-4202 or email us your questions.

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We are Bonded & Insured

Free Advice: Whether you work with us, or not, we recommend you DO NOT throw anything away. We sold a coffee advertising tin full of nails for $1,500.00. (True story)

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